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Drying off, or looking for a valentine date?

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Yesterday, 12:32 PM

I updated the price in my previous post.


The F4s version is $996.95, the F2.8s is $2,299.95. $1,303 more for an extra stop and a bit of DOF. so, now, I'm wondering.


1) I got the F4 version for my wife's Z 7, so I can use that.

2) I have the F mount 28-70/2.8D, and can use that with the FTZ adapter if I need the extra stop or DOF. But it's a tank.

3) The 14-30 F4s is $1,296.95. Less than the difference between those two lenses.


Using the Z6, I could get that extra stop with ISO at no noise cost. Bokeh, I can fake that by moving the subject closer to the lens. And fo landscape, I wouldn't care as I normally shoot between F11 and F8. and with the Z6 being able to focus stack, then F8 would be the winner. So, If I had money, I probably go for the 14-30 and just use the 24-70/f4.  



May wallet just kicked me in my..... well, you know.  Where did I put my nitro pills?

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Yes, and at $2300.

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13 February 2019 - 09:10 AM

thanks !