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In Topic: Pumba

Today, 02:05 PM

That first one has big lips 👄 must be a female. Nice images.

In Topic: Southern Ground Hornbill

Today, 11:43 AM

Nice capture. You made that camera work for you. Well done.

In Topic: Some bears.

Today, 11:37 AM

Thanks all, I was at Lake Clark Nation Park in Alaska. Me and Cindy stayed at a lodge and were part of a group of 8 photographing brown (grisly) bears. We were very close at times. The bears do not view humans as a dangerous. They are protected and never hunted by man in this area of Alaska. As long as you follow the rules, no noise, jumping or sudden moves around mom and cubs and to stay in a group. The bears will walk up and around you. They are more concerned about wondering males. As such, they are always looking out of them.

In Topic: Laughing Dove

Today, 06:58 AM

Lovely colors

In Topic: Speckeled Pigeon

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

Beautiful Herman! Just, wow