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Today, 12:49 PM

Nikon is making excellent products that work well and I can understand they would like more Pros out there using Nikon, so they're catering to the Pros. But if they want someone like me using one of their new mirrorless cameras it needs to be priced under $1500, but even that is steep for a non pro.

In Topic: Interesting Mirrorless Article

Today, 12:28 PM


Manual or AF?

I would have to use it first.  I have no idea how it performs or what the intended use is.  I often use my Wide Angle lenses in Manual mode.  Why?  I set the f stop to 8 or 11, put infinity at f stop indicator of choice (where this is available, I have manual lenses!) and have the absolutely wides depth of field for focus. You don't really need AF.

Also, read my comments below .... AF may be an expensive options to only prove a point.


I think sometimes you make something to showcase your technology prowess and industry Leadership.  I will lean towards them making it to prove a point. Seems like everyone is talking about this.  You can waste 10 million dollars on advertising or on a product and let everyone else advertise it for you.


I don't look at what Canon does, I don't care.  I am heavily invested in Nikon and I am extremely happy with my Nikon gear and my decision.  That said, Canon could come out with a Lens that seconds as a Coffee Thermos and has a built in Shaver and is F .5  .... wouldn't phase me in the least because I simply don't care what the other guy does.  I am not going to dump thousands of dollars of gear just to get one gadget.

I believe there are those who want or need the .95.  Some pros like to be cutting edge just to impress clients.  Others, because they get a look that puts them ahead of their competition. Some people in general have to have the latest thing .... these are not reasons for the masses and most likely, many will not jump ship just for this one lens.


So, to make a short answer as long as possible .....  at the end of the day, I think this lens is just a marketing ploy. It ads credibility to the line and I will bet they purposely left AF out of it.

They're referring to this lens, that's rumored to cost $6K  



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Yesterday, 05:44 PM



An opinion piece grounded in whining......


I will be the first to rip into Nikon if and when I feel they have shot themselves in the foot but this article is off the mark.


1) Nikon laid out their future road map with Z.  The financial future of the company is riding on its success.


- this is like the migration from Film to digital DSLR to Mirrorless.... 

- Milestone moment


2) the technology behind this move is not like the Nikon 1 line.  That was flawed from the get go. This technology is extremely well thought out.


3) The 2 Z cameras are top notch, maybe not the best on the market, but for the Nikon base, they are pretty bang on.  Not what I like, but I fully expect there will be more to come and they will be even better. This was a solid start.


4) The lens offering could have been better, but SO WHAT?  Really, who cares, buy the adapter and use what you have.  Like, we DON'T HAVE ENOUGH LENSES in our kits?  This is a moot point because there is really NO IMPACT.  There is glass-a-plenty to be used just by buying an adapter.  So, who cares, this isn't even a consideration for me.  I have all the glass I need at the moment.


Why .... would Nikon design a NEW 500mm Z lens when they just recently introduced a brilliant fresnel lens that is perfectly functional ACROSS THE LINE, including Z?

A Z only 500mm lens would sell ZILCH.  There is no saturation of cameras with a Z mount yet, give it some time.


The article is just whining to me.

I think Nikon has done the launch properly. The .95 is most likely a marketing piece... the stuff legends are made of and to talk about ... MIND SHARE.... We can do it, so we did!  I would never buy one at that price, but I don't care, it is all about what the Line can do... and it looks like it can do an awful lot. When the time comes, I will very likely own one...not now.  My D850 is a ton of camera still and I have a long way to go with it around my neck.


Just me 2 cents.

Do you feel their f 0.95 lens should be manual focus only? I'm sure some photographers would use it, but it looks more like they're trying to out gadget Canon as opposed to trying to lead in overall sales.

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17 January 2019 - 05:16 PM

"The expanded electronic communication abilities of the new mounts also seem to be going to waste, as Nikon’s halo lens is manual focus only, despite the razor thin depth of field. Canon and Nikon instead seem to have aimed for the most expensive options at every turn, without a meaningful improvement in product capability"


They make a good point there! That also negates the "faster" AF feature that's supposed to make mirrorless more attractive.

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17 January 2019 - 04:25 PM

I really like the horizontal line in the EVF, if you're off level at all, another line shows up in a different color, which shows you which way to tip it to achieve a level shot.