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Dual Booting Windows On A Mac?

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Hope this is the right place to ask?


Anyway, are there any MAC USERS dual booting woth Winblows....oops sorry Windows?


If so, easy to set up, better to set up on 27iner or MacBookie? Can it be taken off after my reason for installing it terminates?


The suck with a cold ..PJ wants to know.


Happy..Happy Happy..I Own Mac Stuff

15 February 2018 - 01:05 PM

Family no pun or attacks on anyone but I sat down today in the office and looked at all my toys and said.."Happy Feelings'! 


What made me want to shout this out is.... Is my last two $5 purchases. I brought a holder that I can mount and turn my 10.5 iPaddie Pro any way and a stand-up mount for my iPhonnie 8+ski both with charger!!!!!



Philly Fashion Show 2018 I have Been Selected

15 February 2018 - 12:28 PM

Gonna say Whoooopppeee  :)  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: at this point!


Got selected be on the press for the Philly Fashion Show next week. I have done some with the Miss Black America Pagent but never photo-shooting and working with the staff on whatever they do afterwards. I am looking forward to this as my photo-journey has gone more toward people, parties and events. I will get to do some video with the iPhonnie... :rolleyes:


If any one has any ideas or recommendations, please post them in this message as we all can learn something maybe.


As always, I want to give thanks to my "PN Family" as if it were not for you, I wouldn't have gotten the knowledge to do my thangs and be doing this today.


Thank you for being there!



Philly Car Show Feb 2018

06 February 2018 - 12:58 PM

A few..


[attachment=62650:Feb3 2018_Carshow_40hdr (1 of 1).jpg]


[attachment=62651:Feb3 2018_Carshow_29Mhdr (1 of 1).jpg]


[attachment=62651:Feb3 2018_Carshow_29Mhdr (1 of 1).jpg]


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Attached File  Feb3 2018_Carshow_7d_hdr (1 of 1).jpg   463.19KB   0 downloads






[attachment=62657:Feb3 2018_Carshow_7d_hdr (1 of 1).jpg]


[attachment=62657:Feb3 2018_Carshow_7d_hdr (1 of 1).jpg]











Fly Eagles Fly! Swoop! Bird Gand! Underdogs Now Top Dogs!

06 February 2018 - 09:02 AM

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Yeaaaaaaaaaaa Boyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


NFL Super Bowl Champs 2017!!!






Attached File  Eagles-Beat-New-England-Patriots-for-1st-Super-Bowl-41-33-1-696x556.jpg   64.56KB   0 downloads


Attached File  1517804105_861_philadelphia-eagles-top-new-england-patriots-to-win-their-first-super-bowl.jpg   156.96KB   0 downloads


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