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Today, 01:34 AM

Thank you, Dennis.

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Yesterday, 10:49 PM

You used the wrong device to shoot this.


Sorry, in my rush to post, I forgot to put up a DENNIS: WARNING-ENTER AT OWN RISK! :lol:

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Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Well done!! Front page of Sport Section?

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Yesterday, 08:20 PM

Very nice series, Art.
Am I correct in assuming that the rider carrying the checkered flag was the overall winner?  If not, I'm sure that there is a back story there.  ;)

Thank you, Mark.

Overall? NO

The Double Header Weekend is a two race weekend in different class categories.

For example:

Superbike is the top Pro category with the big, powerful bikes.
LiquiMoly is the next Pro level down.

They also have amateur class.

Light Pro Bike etc.

I believe each class gets two races in and two winners are declared.

Then, points are tabulated for the season as there are 6 races total in the summer!

The TOP POINT racer is declared champion for each category.
So, you can win on points and not necessarily on winning!

The Champion gets to put the #1 on his bike in the next season.

In Topic: Nikon Z6 Images [WARNING-Image Heavy]

Yesterday, 08:15 PM

The photos are great.

Thank you, Phil!