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The Whiskey thing

Posted by Virgil, 28 June 2015 · 4203 views

Whiskey Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Barrel
I usually don´t drink alcohol. But viewing the TV Show "Moonshiners" sparkled my interest in Whiskey and i started researching. That research lead me to Jack Daniels and their very interesting history. In a world dominated by terror, bloodhsed, racial and economical problems you quickly tend to believe in this "idyllic world" representation JD gives of their Business and so did I (only to learn later that their former master taster, J. Bredford was involved in a lawsuit for sexual harassment - what a letdown).
However, in the last weeks i got hold of nearly every JD i could, tasted them and want to give you my short review. But beware, I´m not this kind of reviewer who tells you about smells and complexitiy at a particular point on the tounge, rather than my subjective impressions - YMMV.
Jack Daniels Old No. 7 - the basic product with 40% Alc./Vol - has a profound taste of alcohol that interfered with the subtle flavours underneath. It´s to brutal for me as the alcohol ruins and most likely otherwise very interesting drink. So definately not my kind of whiskey. JD´s marketing description of my next candidate, Single Barrel, gives the impression of a more refined product and so it is. Whilst basically a blend of different Old No 7 and a bit more aged, it´s rich flavours invite you to taste it. On the tounge though the taste doesn´t come close the smell as the alcohol is again very dominant. Next on my list was Gentleman´s Jack which, according to the product information should be an even more refined product as the production due to the different production process (twice charcoal filtered). It doesn´t smell as interesting as the Single Barrel, but alcohol is subtle as well and therefore very elegant.
I´d also like to present two other products i tasted - namely the Winter Jack and the Tennessee Honey. The latter one suggests to be Whiskey with honey flavoured which it is (Old No 7 is again the basis). But what you may expect is not what you taste. It´s a very sweet and complex taste and the honey flavour is very subtle (though present). Nice if you enjoy sweet stuff but beware, it still has 35% Alc./Vol. so don´t underestimate it ;-) Finally the Winter Jack which has just 15% Alc./Vol and should be warmed up and drunk as a Punch. It´s sweet, has all those flavours your brain will connect with Xmas, Wintertime etc. and therefore perfect for this time of the year.
Usually reviews end with conclusions and suggestions but in this case it´s hard to announce a clear winner. They all have their place in every well sorted bar. Taste them all and enjoy what you like the most. I personally have them in my bar and will enjoy them according to my mood and if i would be entitled to have a wish to JD based on my taste, I´d love to have a mix of Gentleman Jack (less dominant alcohol) with the rich flavours of the Single Barrel, but i doubt they listen to me :-(
Reminder - DRINK RESPONSIBLY! - alcohol abuse can (and will!) ruin lifes - DON´T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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