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A Few Ag Images

10 April 2013 - 10:47 PM

Figgered I post a few images from one of my shoots. I've photographed a Crop Science Tour Day for a client for the past 14 years called the Field of Dreams. I always look forward to getting out of the studio and doing some different work. I pulled these images from last years shoot (except the aerial which I think is a couple years old??) Nothing out of this world. I really would like to get into this type of shooting more. That's the problem with having photography as a career, you tend to forget to do it for the JOY of it too often... cheers, Craig

Hello from Saskatchewan!

10 April 2013 - 03:31 PM

Hi everyone. Just joined PlanetNikon after browsing some info on the Nikon 400mm 3.5 and realized I couldn't view the images! :) Anyway, I'm in my 20th year with a full service studio in small town Sask. Shooting everything from light commercial, wedding, portrait, schools and volume (expanding in this area), dance...you name it. Getting harder every year to support a family in this industry, but still remain busy. I shot images for 3 stock agencies in years past before digital pretty much killed that industry. The latest was Take Stock in Calgary. They closed shop around 8 years ago. Looking into microstock, but it's alot of work for pennies in return...at least until you have an enormous inventory on file. I've used Nikon since purchasing the business, as the purchase included numerous old Nikkor lenses, a Nikon EL, n2020, F70 and a couple old Nikkormats. I still have most of those, a couple of Hassleblads, Mamiya 645 and odds and ends. All of my shooting these days is with a D700 and a D200 backup. I use a D1x for passport photos only. Lenses include 80-200 2.8, 180 2.8, 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 50 1.8, 60 micro, and a couple cheap zooms that I don't use. I am looking for a long lens. I have my eye on the 400mm 3.5...so if anyone has one to unload at a great price...I'm interested. Glad to be here. Will browse around periodically...still busy trying to maintain a career in this industry...:). Oh yeah, did I mention I'm interested in a 400 3.5?? Cheers, Craig