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Utah June 99

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#1 Dennis


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Posted 26 June 2017 - 01:30 PM

So, I have been scanning some of my old film to get used to scanning and making a workflow for film. This would have been the F100, fairly new. maybe less than 9 months. At Antelope state park, I had just got back from three days at moad, yeah, the summer, in the desert. I had a rather good tan back then.


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The above image has a story. I spotted this guy, and stopped the rental a fair bit away. He was watching me. Now, I have been on the island for a while, and off day and I ran into hardly anyone, local hikers. I have been using sensia as the film of choice for this trip, some 20 rolls or so already shot. I'm on the road, on the other side of it, and I roll forward, He sees me, walks a bit toward me, and I stop. Wait a bit and do it again until he walks toward me when I stop. Did this for about 10 times, until I'm right across from him. He's has moved closer, so I get out of the car, away from him. Setup the 80-200/2.8 on a tripod. Focus and he didn't move. I guess the car between us made it look like I was not really outside the car.


I fire of this shot, and I think, I should get the 2x out. As I get to the open window of the car, a car pulls up and stops abruptly, in the middle of the road. I just kind of took a wait and see kind of attitude. four young, skinny ladles jump out, they are foreign as they are blabbing away to each other. The bull, over then now has a new target to look at. This wasn't the age of selfie sticks, but they decided on the next best thing. One gal, gave her camera to one of the others, and walked up toward the bull. Now the bull is a bit more interested in the gals, instead of chewing on whatever he was chewing on. The gal, with the camera, says something, and they both move closer to the bull, I go back to my camera, thinking I'm gonna get a differant kind of composition soon. But, that wasn't close enough, and once again they both move closer. Now the bull is a bit concerned, and gives off a few grunts, digs with his front leg, shakes his head. 


Now, I have to decide; do I take the picture of what is about to transpire, or be a good photog and warn them? Decisions, decisions. So, I give up on the great image I was imagining, and move to the front of the car. The gals, say something one more time, and move even closer. The bull gets a little more concern and starts to make a bunch of noise.... snap! They take the picture, get back in the car, giggling all the while and drive off.


And they we have it.... a pissed off bull and me standing in front of the car, and the bull takes a look at me.


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He came toward me, I move to the back of the car, and he goes over and starts to much on whatever he is munching on here.


I decide to take a picture, carefully, after all, he did let them take a picture. Get in the car, drive to the highest point and take this shot.


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I thought to myself, this is a good place to relax.

Thanks, Dennis.

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 02:01 PM

Cool shots Dennis... #3 is great.

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 04:04 PM

Nice Dennis!



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