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01 September 2021 - 01:56 AM

Well, I am really PISSED PN is closing at the end of the month.

Jim and I have tried on more than an few occasion to keep this place going.

I frequent a site for SLOT CARS and they use the SAME SOFTWARE and guess what????

They managed to PORT to a newer version HISTORY and all.

THE HISTORY is what is important to me and that was what I was trying to SAVE.

Many of us have POURED 100's of hours into making this site a good site over the years.  It has a wealth of information I hate to see disappear.

I have found a company in Toronto that can do the transfer to a different server and more modern software that is IDENTICAL to what is used here!

SO, why are we shutting down?
Why was membership blocked 3 years ago!
THIS was the single biggest reason PN has died on the vine.  Most of that time, I had no idea and kept recruiting people to join!
THANKS! Love that wasted effort.

I busted my arse to do a magazine to promote us ... that was a complete waste of my time and money because the MAIN PLAYER wasn't PLAYING!!! But the best part is, we kept dancing the dance and there was no purpose as there clearly was no future intended!!!!!!

This is a LOT OF BS I am not at all HAPPY with.  I hate to end this ANGRY, but I am really pissed!

Darrell, my finger here is pointing at you!


I would have preferred to end this on a happy note, but I am far from it. I have REVIEWS here, a mountain of images, posts I spent hours creating etc.

A few of us would easily take this on and carry forward with it at our expense. And yet, BRICK WALL. Why was it better to SHUT IT ALL DOWN?

ONE MONTH to try and collect this stuff....... :lol:  :lol:  REALLY!


I would like some answers please.