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Just Joined From Southeast Michigan

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 10:43 AM

I'm far from a newcomer to photography.  I started in the early-mid '60's with learning how to use a Speed Graphic, old Weston meter, and sheet film.  After that, I migrated straight to 35mm.


From the late '60's, onward, I did more serious work, taking a couple of classes in pursuit of my undergraduate degree.  I had seriously considered a professional position, and even had a couple of job offers, but family matters took hold, and I opted to remain in finance.  During that time, however, I managed to start a part-time business, concentrating on portraits and weddings.  I continued that until the mid-1990's.


All that time, I still took pictures, pretty much of what pleased my eyes.  I like nature, still-life, and architectural.  I still do.


I got to Nikon after affairs with Pentax (M42) and Canon.  My first was a Nikkormat FT2, an FE, and I eventually graduated to the F3, N90s, and the F5.  And, for years, I still shot large and medium formats.  I had a number of monorails, converted press-to-field cameras, and most of the Mamiya medium format models. :D


My first digital camera was a Nikon Cool Pix 4300, and I still have it.  When I retired as an IT program manager in 2007, I opted to enter the DSLR field with a Nikon D200.  I've used it for the past nine years, and I'm very satisfied with its performance.  My battery of lenses include Nikkors, Tokina, and a couple of Sigmas.  I also have a couple of SB800 flashes.


Last month, I decided to devote more time to photography, along with my love for the shooting sports (trap, skeet, pistol, and rifle).  I went to Nikon's site and started to compare models.  Talk about a quantum change in technology!  Faster processors, multiple memory slots, improved video, quieter shutters; you name it.  I shouldn't have been surprised, since being in IT, I'm a disciple of Moore's law.


I'd read a number of articles about the new D500, and decided to compare that and the D750.  I finally settled on the D500.  For just a couple of hundred dollars more than I paid for my D200, I bought a huge leap in technology, allowing me even more time to concentrate on the image.


Glad to be here.  There's a wealth of information, and It will take a while to start digesting.  Thanks for the invite.



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Posted 30 June 2016 - 10:52 AM

Welcome and congrats on the new D500!! :)


God bless all those in harms way and Go Navy!

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MF Nikkor's 50 f2 Ai, 500 f4 ED Ai-P.


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MF Rokinon 85mm f1.4 ASP AE UMC(Ai-P)


Pro Manfrotto 055XV with Markins M10 ,Sirui P-326 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod with Markins Q3 Emille, Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01M with Combo Head, 3Pod PTT1H Table Top Tripod with Giottos MH1304 Ballhead.

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 11:42 AM

Hi Dennis,


Welcome to PlanetNikon, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Congratulations on your purchase of a D500, you are going to love it.  Looking forward to seeing some of your images.


#4 Dennis


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Posted 30 June 2016 - 01:50 PM

Welcome, my wife is from MI; Redford. Be interesting to see MI again, it's been a long time.

Thanks, Dennis.

Photography: 100 percent art, 100 percent technical. It takes a photographer to blend them into an image.

​Film: That tangible image that you can see and hold.

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 02:13 PM

Welcome from Canada's West Coast, Dennis.  


Congrats on the D500.  I have heard many good things about that camera.  Looking forward to seeing your pics.


Meanwhile, two Dennis's at PN?  The more the merrier!  :D


Various lenses

Member, Canadian Association for Photographic Art


#6 Gary Poole

Gary Poole

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 08:10 PM

Welcome to the Planet from another SE Mich member.  I live in Farmington Hills.


Like you I have a Speed Graphic.  I acquired mine after I got my first DSLR, a D300, from the estate of a friend who was a former commercial photographer.  So the Speed Graphic is not part of m'y photography history, just an interesting toy.  My first serious camera was a Nikon F Photomic in the mid 1960s.  I also had a Nikormat EL, and Nikon FM, FM2, F100, FM2n, F6 and FM3a before ordering the D300 within 24 hours of it's announcement is 2007.  I've also had a D90 and D800e.  I currently use a D4 and D810.  The D300 has been converted to IR.


Congratulations on the D500.  From what I've read it's a great camera.  Unfortunately I have no way to justify one, even though it's the first worthy successor to my beloved D300.


If you'd like to talk photography or Nikon face to face, send me a PM.

Edited by Gary Poole, 30 June 2016 - 08:13 PM.

Gary in SE Michigan, USA
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YashicaMat 124, Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 01:09 AM

Welcome aboard Dennis.

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 05:28 AM


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#9 Guest_chaswes5_*

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 07:51 AM

Welcome !

#10 Old Dog New Tricks

Old Dog New Tricks

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 06:54 PM

My first crime scene camera was a Crown Graphic.  I too traveled a convoluted road to Nikon, but am happy that I did.  Welcome.

Posted Image

"Photography is man's attempt at immortality. To save our memories and share them. The places we have been, the people we have known, the things we have done. To share with others for eternity, or until the images fade away."

Shooting with
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Posted 04 July 2016 - 12:24 AM

Welcome to the Planet, Dennis!


Enjoy your new D500...



Equipment: D810 | D300 | D50 | B700 | P5000 and some lenses.

Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 + NIK Software Suite
My motto: To learn more today, than I knew yesterday!





#12 winclk


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Posted 06 July 2016 - 05:20 PM

Welcome to the Planet, Dennis. Congrats on the new D500.


Amateur Photographer--Hoping to upgrade my status one day

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 01:21 PM


PhotoJazz - Just Capturing Life
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I photo-shoot with film, digital and medium format cameras, which includes the following:
Nikon D605, D200, F4E, F5, FE2 (Black & Silver), EM
Mamiya C330 Professional, M645 1000s, RB67
Bronica ETRSI

iPhone 8+
And I have some lenses.


Additional: Video editing with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X 10.4 and LumaFusion

C&C Is Always Welcome!!

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 04:52 PM

Welcome aboard!

Nikon D-3300 

Fuji X-T1

#15 Guest_chaswes5_*

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 08:56 PM


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