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#261356 Regional Train, Germany

Posted by LightMeter on 14 June 2019 - 11:26 PM

As a railfan, l really like the photo and the colors on the train.

#261355 Skywalker...

Posted by LightMeter on 14 June 2019 - 11:25 PM


#261131 Creation by Giger for Ridley Scott's Alien movies.

Posted by LightMeter on 02 June 2019 - 05:14 AM

Good one Herman.

#261075 Tamron 150-600 generation 1 Nikon mount

Posted by LightMeter on 25 May 2019 - 02:46 AM

The lens has been used on about 6 outings. l am the original owner and bought it new from B&H in Feb 2017. Never dropped, banged, or out in the rain. Everything works properly including AF and VC. No scratches on glass.  Both caps, hood, tripod collar, and original box included. Price is $530 shipped to USA addresses. l take Paypal.

#261052 Radio Room watch

Posted by LightMeter on 20 May 2019 - 09:40 PM

This is a Vostok Amphibian Russian watch. After the Titanic went down, it was decided to dedicate 3 minutes of every 15 minutes for emergency radio transmissions only. Ship clocks in the radio room had this dial. lf the minute hand was in the red, emergency communications only! They make this watch in a white or black dial. But l really like the champagne color. D40, Tamron 16-300, Nikon 6t close up lens.



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#261011 May Challenge is Your best Wildlife photos

Posted by LightMeter on 18 May 2019 - 03:36 AM

Don't have any from this month, but here are old ones.

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#260827 April 2019 challenge-wide angle macro

Posted by LightMeter on 20 April 2019 - 04:33 AM

For these l used the Canon EOS M50, EOS M to M42 tilt adapter, 10mm M42 extension tube, and Takumar M42 28mm f/3.5. l like how the short focal length kinda stretches the watch dials. What l don't like is working distance-the lens almost touched the subject.



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#260786 April 2019 challenge-wide angle macro

Posted by LightMeter on 16 April 2019 - 08:55 PM

l've been busy but was finally able to get out today. l used the D40, 24-50AF, and the ancient super thin 5.8mm Nikon K1 extension tube.



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#260759 New Russian watch

Posted by LightMeter on 13 April 2019 - 06:12 AM

Nice series, Bill.  


Especially that last image.  No bright speculars.  Did you use speed-lights for lighting?  If so, I'd love to know more about your set-up.  :)

Yes l used off camera flash aimed at the ceiling. Now that l'm shooting RAW l can pull back the highlights and eliminate hot spots. For the luminious shot l adjusted the flash power about 2-3 stops under and adjusted the shutter speed to the lume with lights in the room turned off. And shined an LED flashlight on the lume for about 20 seconds before the shot to charge it up.

#260745 New Russian watch

Posted by LightMeter on 11 April 2019 - 05:23 AM

This Vostok Komandirskie arrived from Russia in 3.5 weeks. That's the quickest trip from Russia of anything l've ordered from there. lt has a true 24 hour movement that features automatic winding with handwind option. The date is wrong but l didn't set the date for 2 reasons. No Russian watch that l know of has the quick date set feature. And l can't see the date without reading glasses anyway. Canon EOS M50 with 15-45 lens, and Nikon 6t for closer focusing.

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#260721 April 2019 challenge-wide angle macro

Posted by LightMeter on 09 April 2019 - 01:42 AM

This month's challenge will feature macro and close up images taken with a wide angle lens. Wide angles can yield interesting perspectives and backgrounds. Any camera, any lens as long as it's wide.

#260439 March is going to be BW with a twist

Posted by LightMeter on 23 March 2019 - 03:53 AM

More watches :)

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#260393 March is going to be BW with a twist

Posted by LightMeter on 21 March 2019 - 03:48 AM

Hot Wheels '70 Ford Escort

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#260356 Watches

Posted by LightMeter on 20 March 2019 - 03:48 AM

Lately l've been doing some watch photos again. l used the tilt setup to get the whole dial in focus at the angle l shot at. For the lume shots l use flash aimed at the ceiling at a lower power, and a shutter speed that gives me the lume brightness l want. lt takes trial and error with the flash power and shutter speed to get what l want. But now that l shoot RAW, the exposure doesn't have to be perfect. Canon EOS M50, Pentax Takumar M42 28mm, EOS M-M42 tilt adapter. These were shot at f/8.

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#260354 March is going to be BW with a twist

Posted by LightMeter on 20 March 2019 - 03:40 AM

Glow in the dark.

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