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In Topic: White Pelicans

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

l love pelicans. Great shot.

In Topic: It's a Catholic Church, the Bird Is A Red-shouldered Hawk, Why was I Expe...

Yesterday, 06:09 PM

Nice one. l'd have cropped it a little bit.

In Topic: Interesting Mirrorless Article

Yesterday, 05:47 PM

People have always made wild predictions in photography. But it's gotten really crazy with the Canon R and Nikon Z systems introduced. People on the photo forums are saying stuff like "Micro 4/3 is dead" "DSLRs are dead" " APS-C is dead" "i'm not investing in anymore DSLR/APS-C/Micro 4/3 gear anymore". l only read the stuff for the entertainment value. lt's kinda like politics "Vote for me and we'll all live happily ever after."

In Topic: Fish aquarium

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Thanks. l want to get some pics of the other 10 gallon but it's having a problem with bad algae. When l put live plants in it about 4 months ago it caused a green algae explosion. Last month l threw out the live plants and it's not as bad. But the tank still needs a major cleaning.

In Topic: Fish aquarium

20 January 2019 - 05:26 AM

When using off camera flash, the plants and shipwreck always come out brighter than they look in real life. l had to pull the highlights down alot in the RAW images. The second is a JPEG straight out of the camera.