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Remsen, NY

Posted by Old Dog New Tricks, 16 October 2012 · 2307 views

I was headed north today for a party and was early with time on my hands. I pulled off of the main road and into the small village of Remsen. The area had a large population of Welsh immigrants and the village has an on-going relationship with Wales. There is an exhibit in the historical society funded by the Welsh government. At one point it was a rail junction for three different lines coming from Utica into the Adirondacks and the Adirondack Scenic Railway still passes through here on its way to Thendara, stopping here for passengers.

In 1964 the Remsen station was torn down and rebuilt in 2000, including repairs to the yard and water tower.
Attached Image: 20121016_6046_7_8.jpg )
(an HDR treatment

Attached Image: 20121016_6055.jpg

There are also rail cars (caboose and flat car) restored and on display.
Attached Image: 20121016_6049.jpg

In the yard is an old passenger car in a sad state. I don't know if they have plans to restore it or not. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad has restored several cars for their line.
Attached Image: 20121016_6054.jpg

As I was driving into town I found this interesting building.
Attached Image: 20121016_6031.jpg

And after I left there I drove up the "line" a ways and found another station, this one is the original, but restored Woodgate Station. It is now a private residence owned by a volunteer from the Adirondack Scenic Railway.

Attached Image: 20121016_6062.jpg

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Nice Cliff, I like the full shot of the blacksmith shop!
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The HDR of the railroad station and Western Union sign is great.
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I like the first one. Was it raining? And #6 is a great post card, nice job.
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