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New firmware update for the Zeds

18 February 2020 - 02:34 PM

Yeeha looks like we might have focus tracking almost to the old standard... plus animal detection.  https://www.dpreview...ate-for-the-z50  must download and install asap :rolleyes: :)

Rarotonga.... some more.

26 January 2020 - 11:15 PM

It seems very quiet on the Planet the last few days... so here are a few photos to warm you northerners... :D :)

The lagoon on the south coast


Attached File  DSC_6723.jpg   405.18KB   0 downloads   Yes Jim there is a ship out there... laying fibre cable around the Pacific islands :)


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Amazing colours on the island...


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Attached File  DSC_6341.jpg   615.06KB   0 downloads   the 'flame tree'


A snorkelling trip on lagoon nearer 'our' place..


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Attached File  P1070106.jpg   503.34KB   0 downloads  A 'selfie' of two of my boys...with mothers camera..


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Our beach and bit of lagoon... 25m/yd from our door


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It rained a few times... still 28c... rain on the creek that passed through the property.


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Z7, 14-30s,24-70s, ftz/300pf... the underwater shots Olympus TG6

Landcrab..and Myna bird

11 January 2020 - 01:44 PM

I managed to capture a shot of a landcrab ,one of many living in burrows around where we stayed in Rarotonga. This guy is probably about 150mm/6" across his/her body..look at the size of those claws...I believe they feed on coconuts..amongst other things. This guys burrow was not as big as many around, the other locals were even bigger They are very nocturnal ...and very skittish so hard to get a good photo. My father was stationed in Fiji during WW2 and he told the story of going on maneuvers..sleeping in foxholes and landcrabs falling in just to spice up the night...don't think I would like to share a bed with one of these guys.


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A lot of these Myna birds about... and quite vocal.


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Saw several Frigatebirds circling one night but I was slow to grab my camera.


Z7, 300Pf.

A report from Rarotonga

07 January 2020 - 12:10 PM

A family gathering in Rarotonga... the 3 boys and families... very pleasant place to be, layed back and rather warm.


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A snorkelling trip...

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And not to be outdone by Jim and Don :) :D ... a Rarotongan moon.


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Z7, 14-30. moon 300Pf, under water Paulines Olympus(see Thomas with it pic2)

Weekend in Paroa

20 November 2019 - 12:46 PM

Last weekend my wife and I went over to Paroa (West coast Sth Island) to attend a reunion of my Kelly side of the family (mothers) of course I took a few photos... and was quite lucky that there was a Rata tree in the motel grounds to attract a Tui (native bird, with cravat :rolleyes: ) or two.


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The Tasman sea...only 100m away from the unit... a bit angry.

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Somebody down the coast fishing..

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And a look back to the mountains... in the mist.

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