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Terms of Use

You must understand and agree to our minimal Terms of Use, as follows. Your continued use of PLANETNIKON means you have read and agree to our terms.
1. Add camera, lens and shooting information (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) to your images for member education. Of course, for images that come from Nikon film cameras, that information may not be available. Also, some images, such as pictures of equipment, are not for educational purposes, and, therefore EXIF will provide no benefits.
2. Post pictures from Nikon cameras only, unless the picture is of Nikon equipment taken with another camera brand for reference purposes (e.g., I just bought this new Nikon camera, yay!). This group is about Nikon® photography—not that of other brands—which have their own forums, so let's keep posts from other cameras out of the forums except for very special circumstances.
3. Don't post anything that would make your 12-year old daughter uncomfortable (frontal nudity, sexual, gross, gory, etc.).
4. Do not use profanity, name calling, or hateful words toward another member or our moderating team. This will cause immediate removal from PLANETNIKON, with no mercy.
5. Do not post images that are not yours, without written permission. There is no point, they will be deleted immediately. Instead, post a link or share to the picture.
6. Do not download images from here for any reason, without written permission. This includes downloading to "help" someone see a better way of editing a picture. Be polite and ask permission first.
7. Don't post an endless stream of pictures all day, please exercise moderation. We want to talk about how images were made, and the Nikon equipment that made them, not just look at pretty pictures.
8. Don't post images you mind having stolen by the writhing masses (PLANETNIKON is a public group). Watermark your images!
In summary, PLANETNIKON is a well-moderated, family-oriented forum, quite unlike the other flame-and-scream groups on the internet. This should be a fun place to be, a place to learn, and a place to show off work you are proud of. Plus, we simply revel in our enjoyment of the use and ownership of Nikon® equipment here. Welcome to PLANETNIKON, enjoy the group!