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james23p's Blog > Digital thoughts

Posted 13 July 2006

Good morning to continue my life through the lens here are a few more thoughts.

I was sitting in my favorite chair with my D50 in my hands just thinking what a cool camera this is and how I have taken so many more pictures with it than I did with my F100. Only my FM3a has taken more because I really love my MF Nikons it makes me feel completely in cont...

james23p's Blog > My thoughts on my move to a part time digital user

Posted 11 July 2006

As I have become more and more comfortable with my D50 the more I appreciate digital. I have always been a diehard film guy and still use my FM3a alot but my D50 has opened the door to shots I would never try in fear of wasting film. This I believe has made me a better photographer. Will I give up film probobly never unless it becomes to hard to develope or buy but I have found a new friend in the DSLR....