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Bald Eagle in Flight

30 December 2018 - 11:53 AM

This is Bruce.  He is taking over the heavy lifting from Sam, the previous star at the CRC.  Bruce dived bombed my and my friend.  Apparently, he mistook me for the owner.  We have that same full bodied, good looking physique and where the same type of wardrobe.   :lol:  For a second, I thought of putting up my arm and letting him perch, but quickly ducked instead.  Don't need to have my arm in a caste for the next 6 weeks. I am sure he has a death grip!


The first image below is him zeroing in on me! I very quickly started to wonder what the hay he was doing because he kept dropping altitude and coming closer and closer without moving!  Thrilling as his just missed us, flying over head. These birds are huge, you don't really realize it unless they are 2 feet above your head with their wings spread wide!


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Great Horned Owl in Flight

30 December 2018 - 11:48 AM

Great Horned Owl.  


These are beautiful as well.  I love the look of most Owls. Again, these are shot in high ISO.  It was very heavily overcast.


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Barred Owl Portrait

30 December 2018 - 11:45 AM

Another gorgeous owl, he is perched inside a wooded area with some light coming through the back. Almost gives it a stained glass effect.  The sessions at CRC include a number of Raptors you can shoot perched and a number that they fly.


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Peregrine Falcon Portraits

30 December 2018 - 11:43 AM

This is a Peregrine Falcon.  The fastest creature on the planet.  They do not fly these at the CRC because you would never be able to get a photograph of it, they are too fast.  So, they typically bring them out and perch them.  As in this case.  Gorgeous creature.


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Bald Eagle Portraits

30 December 2018 - 11:38 AM

I finally got a chance to get away and do some photography with a photography friend, on Friday.  I once again visited the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.  They had a special 2:1 deal, or buy one bring a friend.


Although I had a blast, the session left something to be desired. 


The majority of the people had little zoom lenses and paid absolutely NO REGARD to anyones line of sight.  I got a little testy with more than a few of them as they continually planted themselves in front of me like I was invisible.  Must have been my camo jacket.


There are no manors in this world any more, its all about "ME".  Best part, when you call them out, they get INDIGNANT.  :lol:


Conditions were not ideal on Friday.  It rained on the trip there, a solid 2 hours.  When we got there, it stopped, how nice was that.  The field was a bit of a bog, but nothing you could slop your way through.  On they whole, a fantastic afternoon.   I have yet to visit this place where I have not had a wonderful day, regardless.


These are Eagle Portraits.  I love these closeups.  Hope you do too.  I will post other images of the different raptors I shot through the course of the afternoon.


Comments and opinions always welcomed....


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All taken with the Nikon D850 and my 200-400mm lens at typically, very high ISO's......2000+