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Young Male Buck

12 February 2020 - 01:16 AM

I have a cemetery nearby that is connected to a huge greenbelt.  Because there are so many holes in the fence due to erosion, the deer have access.  Lucky me.  At times, you can get some wonderful pictures of them.


The sad thing is, there are a couple of loons in the area who have made them too used to people by feeding them. I actually saw one nutcase petting a WILD DEER! He is used to her because she always feeds him.


Anyway, I digress.  I am just saying, these deer are not that afraid.  They keep a safe distance but it is not hard to walk up pretty close. You just have to be slow and look away occasionally while they forage.


Nikon D850

Nikkor 500mm f5.6E VR PF

- this is very quickly becoming the new love of my life!


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2020 February Challenge

08 February 2020 - 02:38 PM

Hi, sorry for posting this late.  It has been a very crazy month for me.


Please post some BIRD images... ANY IMAGES of Birds taken with any Camera.  Get some of the Winter blahs out by seeing some nice AVION stuff.


Looking forward to the images.


I just recently found this picture I thought was lost... posting to get you started.



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Portrait by my friend Dan Paul

02 February 2020 - 01:17 AM

I have a very good friend who was a former photographer and a very, very creative one at that.  He used to have a nice studio in Toronto and did some work for me in my Computer days.


We got together for dinner earlier in the evening and I asked him to take my portrait, just to immortalize the beard.  I have to shave it this week due to images for Drivers License and Health Card.  No fancy lighting, we used what was available, which wasn't much. The backdrop is a bare wall.


Here are the results.  PP was done by me.


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Owl Butterfly

27 January 2020 - 11:01 PM

Isn't this beast simply gorgeous in its own ugly way! Love these.


You may have seen me post this on Facebook.  I had an argument with some birders yesterday on FB over baiting. Some nut in Toronto was throwing feeder mice to bait an owl and the birders lost their minds. I don't agree with live baiting. But, I was trying to tell those idiots to go after him for his dog, that was off-leash and for threatening bodily harm to them. Talk about a bunch of nuts that can't see the forest from the trees.  It is not illegal to bait Owls in Ontario.  They are trying to shame him online.


I hope he sues them, even though he seems like a giant donkey.


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Niagara Falls, Ontario 2020

27 January 2020 - 10:49 PM

I spent the better part of last week in Niagara Falls.  Every January, I run a convention for boardgame enthusiasts.  This was my 16th year of doing it.  I always take one extra day to tour Niagara Falls, because I love the area.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is the City is making it harder and harder to like them!  Parking meters are almost everywhere.  Rates have gone up to $6 per half hour, up from $5 last year.


By the Falls, they have reduced the number of lanes to drive from 4 lanes to two and put up a huge barrier to keep you from stopping your car and walking over to the Falls. So, they are forcing you to PARK! 

Food prices are outrageous almost everywhere.  They tax everything and hotels are charging to park in their lots! I am really starting to dislike the people running the place.


This is a funky ice covered lamp near the edge of the Falls. We are having a mild winter so far, so the ice on the lamp isn't as dramatic as other years.


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The Falls, standing by the edge.

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A view of the Falls from further away with some of the ice on the railings showing. The temps hovered around freezing today.


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Two views of the building at the bottom of the gorge below the Falls.


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