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In Topic: Great Tit

Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Nice shot, Herman.  I like the colours and detail.  :)

In Topic: Horses- Mary and Jane

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

Nice shot, Phil. 


Any chance that they were just trying to get those silly humans to go away, so that they could have a short snooze?  :)

In Topic: When you have to....

Yesterday, 11:03 AM

At least you know where NOT to step!  :lol:  :P  :lol:

In Topic: I started buying more railroad videos.

Yesterday, 11:02 AM

Bill, your consolation is that when you get too bored with the videos, you can stay indoors and make more images with Hot Wheels and those dioramas.  You definitely have a talent there.  :)

In Topic: P900, hot sunny day and the moon

Yesterday, 10:59 AM

Handheld?  Jim, I am very impressed.  Even with the 1.4 TC, I've never got that close with my 200-500.  Well done, sir.  :)