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In Topic: Pre-Prohibition

Today, 11:06 AM

Updated image....see original post


You nailed it on this one, Art.  Did you still use natural light?  :)

In Topic: Purple Gallinule

Today, 11:03 AM

Nice colourful image, Ron.


You've posted images of these particular birds before.  I still say that is the strangest looking bird that I've ever seen.  :)

In Topic: Native Warrior

Today, 11:01 AM

Nice, Gordon.


Okay, I'm a wee bit jealous.  I really want to spend more time in the Osoyoos area.  I love the dry climate, and want to explore the photographic opportunities.  Now I just have to persuade Angela that the really steep road, with the hair-pin turns, is on the EAST side of town.  :lol:  :lol:

In Topic: Mission San Luis Tallahassee

Today, 10:57 AM

Nice series, Cliff.


In recent years, I've started to enjoy visiting/photographing historic sites.  A relaxing learning experience.  :)

In Topic: Little League

Today, 10:52 AM

Nice work, Charles.  Especially the second image.  :)