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In Topic: sun flower down

Today, 12:14 PM

Hi Frank.  I agree with Ron's comment.  A strong green tinge.  :)

In Topic: Red Balloon

Today, 12:13 PM

Oh wow love it !!!!!


Thank you, Jim.  :)

In Topic: Red Balloon

Today, 12:12 PM

Very cool Mark.... and wow the clean up job... of the props :rolleyes: :D


Thank you, Peter.  And the props were very tasty.  ;)

In Topic: Red Balloon

Today, 12:11 PM

I fully agree with your instructor, Mark.

Love it!


Thank you, Herman.  :)

In Topic: April 2019 challenge-wide angle macro

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

Anyone have a wide angle I can borrow?  :P



Just use your kit lens at 18 thats considered wide and do some close up shooting at 18mm.


Good advice, Jim.  Unless photographers like lots of distortion, 18mm should work just fine.  :)