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In Topic: Red Balloon

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

Good job Mark. Great presentation.


Thank you, Dennis.  :)

In Topic: sun flower down

Yesterday, 12:53 PM

Still looks green to me Frank, but I'll hasten to add, as many on here will attest, I have a terrible time color correcting, so don't put a whole lot of credence in my assessments of color fidelity.


You're right this time, Ron.  There is still a strong green colour cast.  :)

In Topic: sun flower down

18 April 2019 - 12:14 PM

Hi Frank.  I agree with Ron's comment.  A strong green tinge.  :)

In Topic: Red Balloon

18 April 2019 - 12:13 PM

Oh wow love it !!!!!


Thank you, Jim.  :)

In Topic: Red Balloon

18 April 2019 - 12:12 PM

Very cool Mark.... and wow the clean up job... of the props :rolleyes: :D


Thank you, Peter.  And the props were very tasty.  ;)