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In Topic: Noise and macro

Today, 12:55 PM

To answer you question. If you take a light reading of the subject, the background will be under exposed. Noise will show up. This is true for most anything. A bird in a tree, the background is usually underexposed. Even if you use long exposure, some of the background will be under exposed. Noise will show. Adding the extensions, will lower the light hitting the sensor. So, you need to have more light.... someway. 

In Topic: Late Sleeper: Morning Glory

Today, 12:49 PM

Well done

In Topic: Fluffy Not Stuffy

Today, 09:46 AM

Nice shot.

That's what I tell folks as well!  :D

In Topic: Backcountry Gallery - The Secret Power Of Crop Modes

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

Yeah, I always thought I really got two cameras for the price of one. The D850 in DX mode is about the same as a D500.

In Topic: Another Mated Pair Of Bald Eagles (Image Heavy)

Yesterday, 09:40 AM

They are nice. They look ok on my monitor.