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D610 using ai lens/ focusI haveing issues?

04 December 2015 - 11:34 AM

I have a small (but good) selection of old Ai lenses that I have been using for decades on my F series cameras.


I want to go digital and continue using these lenses.


My  concern is how easy or difficult it will be to manual focus with these on the D610, which considering quality and price

is the camera I would probably go with


Most of my photography is street  and birds, so I need to be able to focus reasoanbly fast.


I know that I could rent  the camera for a few days and find out that way but I thought one of you may

have some experience with this and be able to guide me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance

Hello from Toronto Ontario

02 December 2015 - 09:11 PM

Very pleased to join your group and look forward to some interesting exchanges.of information.


I have been dabbling in photography since 1956 when I was with the Royal Canadian Air Force , stationed in Metz, France.


Very first camera was a Zeiss Contaflex 45mm. F2.8 along with a Zeiss selenium light meter.

I recall that both cost me about $50.- (big bucks back  then) in the PX store on base


In those days prints were exorbitantly expensive so slides were the way to go. Given the very tight exposure tolerances

for slides, I am l amazed at how good my photos were.(exposure wise at least)

I knew virtually nothing about photography but given  the rudimentary technology of the day, I had no choice but to take my measured time before each shot.......and it paid off.
Five decades later and I am still struggling to take the same thoughtful approach as I did back then.



My interest in photography lapsed upon my return to Canada and it wasn,t until somewhere in the mid 70's that dusting off my old photo album and looking at how well I had done with so little, my interest was renewed.


I went out and bought an FE and a couple of good lenses and I was away to the races.

I still have the FE(and it is still brilliant) and along the way aquired an F2AS, F3, and F4s.

As well I started a collection of vintage cameras from the late 30's up until the 60's.


Agfa, Voiglander, Contax, Konica etc etc. The only reqiuirement was that they had to be examples of fine craftsmanship.

Not unlike, I suppose,   people who collect old watches ,just marvel at the mechanical genius that produced them.


Anyways, after decades of film I am about to succumb to the lure of digital and hope that I can get some good advice 

from some of you.


Happy to be on board.