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In Topic: l'm ready for a bike ride

Today, 05:56 PM

Are Houston folks used to bicycles?

Have fun, Bill...

Not really. Where l used to live there are bike lanes and hike/bike trails. But you would not see many bikes. Where l live now there are no bike lanes on busy streets. So l avoid riding on busy streets because it's dangerous. lt's probably our weather that there's not many bike riders and bike commuters in Houston. lt's either flaming hot, too cold, or raining most days. We only have about 50-75 days a year with nice weather.

In Topic: Master-of-Camouflage

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

Good one.

In Topic: D6 info

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

20MP is good on DX, but that's really low pixel density on full frame. lf you need to crop heavily......

In Topic: Wunsche Cemetery

18 February 2020 - 09:04 PM

Here's what the fog looked like at the apartment when l got home.

In Topic: Planet Music

18 February 2020 - 12:35 AM