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Boring, boring, boring ...

Posted by Virgil, 21 May 2014 · 1424 views

... to read all those forums i registered myself over the last decade. So I started to unregister myself and delete all those profiles except the one her of course. "And what´s so boring?" you may ask - simply the fact that I don´t learn anything new anymore in regards to photography. It´s all about gear and that´s it. I can´t stand those "Is the D600 more capable than the D800?" or "Which high-ISO is better?" postings. My all time fav is "If you could wish features for the upcoming Dxyz what would it be?". I couldn´t care less about those and similar questions as they don´t make any sense to me or help me to become a better photog. PN in contrary seems to be a place where most people have arrived so to say. They have their gear and use it to produce pictures which are sometimes just snaps, sometimes real art, sometimes really make the viewer stunning. Sure, NAS comes up now and than, but basically i feel that most here are happy with what they have and simply stopped longing for the latest and greatest. That´s for sure a reason why i like PN so much - cos of the People here are photographers in first place, not gear heads.I think that´s the perfect moment to say "Thank you!" - thank you for sharing your shots, your view of the world, your life as you see it, for inspiring my work now and than, or for making me laugh or think when I view your shots. Glad to be part of this great community.

Glad your still here with us!

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