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Very nice Dennis.



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Today, 04:46 PM

I love them the bridge and the flat iron building are my favorites! I grew up admiring the flat iron building in NYC I always wanted to go to the top and look out the small window at the apex.



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In Topic: Hello from Alberta, Canada

Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Welcome Tony to the planet and nice shot glad to have you aboard.


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Yesterday, 02:43 PM

I see a lot of stuff over the next few years going to tablets but for heavy work like true Photoshop and other power intensive applications I can not see the current tablets even the top of the line ones filling the bill. The Windows Surface is more Laptop than tablet, it is more a laptop minus the keyboard with a touchscreen.


This is the surface Pro specs hmm very laptop if you ask me. So if you make a tablet that is a Laptop without a fixed keyboard then essentially its a laptop and I am ok with that it has a HD, full power processor and respectable RAM.


Surface Pro (newest version) Intel Core i7 / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM and you can get a 1TB SSD in it too that is pretty impressive to be honest. Plus they have a Surface studio think iMac knock off. :P But it is nice looking like the iMac.


Apple seems to be slowing moving its desktop stuff into iMacs which I think is the way to go you get an amazing screen with amazing speed with little clutter. Add a second screen and you have a super system and the iMac pro is jaw dropping in specs and price to be honest but if money was no obstacle I would own one. Plus I see Apple's small Mac mini as the new entry level Apple with the iMac being it flagship years ago it was the iMac that was entry think Bondi Blue that you can still use by the way and the super huge G Macs.