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In Topic: April/May 2020 - From your home/garden or apartment/balcony

28 May 2020 - 04:45 PM

I love Rhinos, Herman.  Excellent capture, in a box, no less!! :P


Well done, I like the Rhino.

In Topic: Nikon Medium-Term Management Plan

28 May 2020 - 04:29 PM

Thanks for the link, Mark.


I don't like the one slide with the comment, "Strengthen China Business." I am the complete other end of the spectrum here.  We recently purchased a Toaster Oven ... took it home, "Made in China"..... RETURNED TO STORE.


I am making a serious, serious effort to stop buy goods made in Communist China.  If this is where Nikon is making their investment.... well, I will be purchasing less product.  I don't care if I pay more.  I do NOT want my money going to Communist China.


This is how I feel right now. I am surprised at Nikon a little bit.

There is going to be a huge economic fall out in the coming months and a lot of people want China to PAY! I am one of them.

OK, off my hate Commies rant....

The photography industry from my small perspective is in big trouble. I am hearing people are postponing weddings!! So, this is #1 photographer money maker.

There is no sports to speak of.

No one is thinking portraits.

So, what is left? Product Photography?

- with 10,000 hungry photographers who will be offering to pay, to get the work?

How is a high end, premium brand that charges top dollar going to sustain itself in a market place that has no disposable cash? Locally, I am seeing big chains selling off Easter Product that arrived by the boatload for an Easter than never happened for $1.  The lines ups outside the stores were huge.  The losses inside the store...equally huge.  But what are you going to do with the product?

My daughters company.... you may have heard of it.... Hudson's Bay, has been giving things away to staff! Chocolates and other items that will be stale date and have no hope in selling.  This is all profit out the window. I am sure the camera companies are sitting on full warehouses as well.  Nikon just started a spring sale, but the discounts are nothing spectacular, which tells me the Captain hasn't gone below deck yet to look at the damage and water coming in!


So, it will speed up the Z line.  That's nice.  And.... sell it to whom? I wonder if Nikon realizes their trajectory is a downward one? Their sales and revenue contract every year, it is managed, they are financially in good shape, but their curve is not an upward curve! A controlled Shrinkage in all aspects of your business, from Market Share to Bottom line is not sustainable model of business  in the long run.

I am not dumping on Nikon (I have been thinking about the industry for the last month or so), but I suspect Canon is having the same meeting, SONY, Olympus and Fuji, just to name a few.  Everyone has the same plan selling to a market that primarily has gone to sleep for the foreseeable future. The companies that will still be floating will be the ones with other businesses to sustain them, namely, the fittest will be the ones who are the most diversified and can at the very least, break even with their bottom line and ride out the storm.

Lucky for Nikon, they are entering the storm with a PROFIT from operations last year.  So, they are heading into the storm in a good position. That is the bright light in all this.


However, saying they are going to do all these great things to right the ship is a whole different story than fixing the gapping hole caused by the iceberg that is running from Stem to Stern.  Unfortunately, I see a very dim future for the photography we have enjoyed the last 10 years or so.

I hope I am wrong.

In Topic: Common Tree Swallow

28 May 2020 - 04:12 PM

Thanks, everyone.




YIKES.  Yes, I believe it is.  I need to clean that! I typically take my camera to a Nikon free clinic but with the "PLAGUE" happening, there has been nothing going on anywhere.

I guess I better break out my Sensor Cleaning gear.  Good eyes.

In Topic: Common Tree Swallow

28 May 2020 - 02:43 AM

Should be two images showing.

In Topic: My other hobby...

28 May 2020 - 12:28 AM

The detail in this game is amazing.  There is even the Pitch indicator on the wing strut! Love it!