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Another Self Portrait

06 December 2018 - 12:26 AM

One Strobe AD600


Set up at 45 degrees to me and above me

Barn Doors





- on tripod ... using timer

Nikkor 105 mm f2.8G




ISO 64

+4 EV


PP in NIK Silver FX

and a little photoshop


Have at it! :lol: looking for critique.  


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December is Christmas/Santa/what ever the Season is to You!

01 December 2018 - 07:49 PM

Being the Christmas/Holiday Season, this months challenge is to post any images that relate to how you Celebrate the Christmas Season!!!


What ever floats your boat this month, share it here! •• In the spirit of the challenge, NEW images taken this month only, please! :) ••

(Jim was busy and asked me to step in for him!)

Ho Ho Ho

Open to:
All members
All cameras
Share your experiences for this month here in Color or B&W!

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Check out Don Cherrys Holiday Jacket!!!
I love this guy!!

Step Focus Experiment

27 November 2018 - 02:51 AM

I did a little step focus experiment today.


What I tried to do was get 20 images using my FLASH... didn't work. You can tell the camera how often to shoot and the time delay (enough to recharge a flash), but the flash doesn't fire from the hot shoe!!  That SUCKS!


So, it was 20 images and then stacked in HeliconFocus.  A very cool software package I bought on sale over the weekend.


First image, just a single shot.....


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Second image, below, a 20 image stack using HeliconFocus.  And, I did a little PP on it so that is why it looks a little different from the first image above.


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Images are shot with a Nikon D850 set on the Focus Step feature.


the Nikkor 105mm f2.8G set at f8 for all images.


I error I noticed I made, I didn't start the focus on the closest edge of the coins to the camera.  So, it is ever so slightly out of focus.  

What a very cool and very good software package!

Godox Flashpoint AD600 iTTL Samples

23 November 2018 - 02:07 PM

Spent some time playing with the new toy.  All these images are taken with the same setup.


Ad600 is on the right

I have a Speedlite SB-910 on the trigger that is in the hot shoe, bounce flash to the LEFT or off the ceiling.  On the left is a large Westcott reflector.


Nikon D850

Nikkor 105mm f2.8G VR


Hand held.


A lot of the usual suspects.  I am just experiment with the new light.  Wow, it throws unbelievable light.  I am very impressed so far, quite loving it!


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Self Portrait

07 November 2018 - 04:50 PM

This was an interesting setup.


I used my AD600 in an umbrella at a 45 degree oblique to me on the left- light bouncing from inside of umbrella through a diffuser

SB-910 sitting in the hotshoe of the AD600 Trigger firing at 90 degrees to the right, onto a gold reflector

SB-700 as a slave with Gary Fong  firing also at the same reflector on the right


Nikon D850 on Tripod using self timer.


I used a white, linen backdrop, that the flashes mostly blew out.  Then Capture NX-D to blow out the white further and to sharpen RAW image.


I took the saved image into NIK Silver FX and converted to BW.


Clean up in Photoshop, sized and saved.  Any and all critique welcomed.



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