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Connies Trip to Seattle Part 1

Posted by Old Dog New Tricks, 06 August 2009 · 520 views

I felt that since this may be of limited interest I would untilize my blog to track the efforts to get Connie to her new home in Seattle. She came to Rome from Toronto, where at one point she was used as a resturant at the airport there. Empire Aero Corp was hired to prepare her for display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Two years ago she arrived by truck and was just a pile of parts. Today she sits on the tarmac all together in the colors she flew while in service in Canada.

Attached Image: connie1.jpg

Over the next month she will be broken down into parts that can be transported by truck to her final resting place. Then she will be reassembled. The man leading this has prepared a lot of planes for ground shipment, working for museums, and the government. He has set up his "office" around Connie and has begun the process.

One thing that I have always been aware of is how finely aircraft are balanced. Some smaller planes rely on moving a weight within the frame to keep it trimmed during flight. If you look at the front wheel of Connie, you will see a barrel hanging from the undercarriage of the plane. The engines of the plane were removed and the cowling modified to permit display of the propellers. A lot of weight removed, so a weighted barrel is used to keep the plane from lifting the nose off the ground. One engine was cleaned up and is ready for display. (Tarp covered in front of plane.

Next to Connie on the tarmac is a 747. At least one engine has been removed for repairs. (Also tarp covered to the right of plane) Since there are no longer any passenger seats and facilities this unbalanced this plane and you can see the concrete weights required to stabilize it.

Attached Image: 747engineless.jpg

Attached Image: wingwoengine.jpg

I will endeavor to keep you all posted on the developements and include as many pictures as I can.

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