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A great week

Posted by Old Dog New Tricks, 27 April 2009 · 415 views

Well it has been a while. I have neglected both of my blogs, but I recently had a great week and I wanted to share it with you.

On Thursday, April 9, the adoption papers were signed for my grandchildern. The judge set time aside to visit with the kids, had balloons for Jon's birthday and made it a special treat.

After signing the papers she asked Sara what it meant to be a part of the family. Sara being quick witted, replied, "I have to do laundry". Amanda was immediately embarrased, she was afraid the judge would think that the kids were just for labor. Kory is laughing at both of them. (He got the joke.) Then the judge let Sara sit at the bench in the judges chair. Sara picks up the gavel, strikes once and declares herself, Sara Hopkins!

Friday night was Brian's homecoming. Amazingly the buses were right on time. He looks good and is glad to be back. There will be a homecoming celebration on Sunday, with a parade,etc. This picture has Sara clinging to Brian. His brother was caught with his eyes closed. I was having to hold my camera up and point shoot to get the pictures in the crowd.


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