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I'm Already Married - to My Nikon!

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Posted 01 December 2005 - 12:35 AM

I'll get this area started off with a few lines about my wedding experiences. Shot four weddings in the spring and made some serious cash - among other things, it was enough to finance my brand new killer PC (which DD built for me outta the goodness of his heart) for running Capture and Photoshop CS a lot quicker than my aging Macintosh G4 could accomplish. Had a lot of fun doing these gigs. The first was held at a $2 million private home where the bride cared for their horses. The second one was for a Japanese couple who had the quietest wedding I've ever been to. The third one was also at a private home where most of 'em just drank too much - pretty boring overall. The fourth was held at a wedding facility in the foothills of the Smokies - I'd shot a friends nuptuals there last year so it came out well and a bit more creative than usual. This series of assignments taught me how to shoot and postprocess for the best hourly rate (ie., profit). Like most wedding photogs in my area, I shot highest quality JPGs for the reception and RAW for the enlargement compositions. Capture made the post work easy and a local lab did great prints. Doing your homework beforehand on developing the whole process is the key to keeping things under control and profitable. By the third wedding I had my chops down and delivery was a pretty painless process. The D70 and SB800 perform beautifully together and produce above average images - I would love to compare D2x samples though. Highlights are hard to keep under control and that's the D70 limitation showing through. Slower autofocus and image sharpness are combined issues that only skill and better equipment can overcome. After a lengthy workout shooting with flash, the SB800 batteries would come out pretty hot but they never missed a discharge. Nikon gear, even at the D70 level, is pretty tough stuff. Remote flash operation is a plus if you have time to use it but I stuck to straight-on and bounce techniques generally. The automatic fill capability produces very pleasant images where ambient lighting isn't problematic - hard sun is a challenge for any system. Here's a few outtakes...

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