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Old Dog's Photo Ramblings > Doing a shoot and print

Posted 05 December 2012

I have been recruited by my cousin to take pictures of pets and Santa. I wanted to stream line the process, provide a couple of options and have a holiday mask on the print to include year and my cousin's logo.

First I needed a background. I found a red graduated one that had snow flakes. I needed to create a transparent opening. I did this by us...

Old Dog's Photo Ramblings > Kane Mt.

Posted 21 October 2012

Our adventure Saturday was a new experience for Deb and I. "Bob the Body Builder" is a trainer at the local fitness center that we have hired from time to time. He is a energetic young man that likes to change things up for his clients. There were 8 of us and we climbed Kane Mt. in the southeast corner of the Adirondacks.

It was listed...

Old Dog's Photo Ramblings > Remsen, NY

Posted 16 October 2012

I was headed north today for a party and was early with time on my hands. I pulled off of the main road and into the small village of Remsen. The area had a large population of Welsh immigrants and the village has an on-going relationship with Wales. There is an exhibit in the historical society funded by the Welsh government. At one point it was a ra...

Old Dog's Photo Ramblings > Birds

Posted 27 August 2012

I had promised to write more here in my blog. Oops. Time to catch up.  (Wow, I just found this draft from two years ago.  I guess I need to update it)

My goal, as should be the goal of all photographers, is to improve my skills and adventure into new areas. I have long admired the Bird work that photographers like Ron, Tee Cee, Jeff, Waterfowl...

Old Dog's Photo Ramblings > Boldt Castle

Posted 05 August 2012

Part of our 3 hour boat cruise through the Thousand Islands was a stop at Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

George C Boldt, was the proprietor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Beginning in 1900 he and his family spent summers in the Thousand Islands. This was the time of the "robber barons" and they were building estates on the river. He st...