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Out of business

Posted by Virgil, 07 August 2007 · 967 views

The guy from the agency didnīt gave me the feeling as if something was wrong when i entered the office ... 20 mins later i left the office ... WITH a bad feeling. Everything i worked for from beginning of 2006 up to now gone in 20 mins due to ridiculous arguments and a lot of hot air. It seems that when you start youīve to slosh thru all the mud on the planet (as if the one on your way wouldnīt be enough). Then i tried to think like my boss constantly tells me to do: positive! What did i loose in fact? Nothing! I always considered it as opportunity, as sidejob, as a possible second mainstay if it developes. Well the only fault i could blame myself for is that i thought it developes and never considered it wouldnīt (i relied on myself only thinking that - the better i perform - the most unlikely it will not work out the way i expected). Musing about all that i again ended up with the feeling that Austria isnīt the right place for becoming / being a professional photographer ... not only but also a reason why iīm out of business ...



When one door closes another one opens. You have a good start, and I am sure that you will find other photo jobs. I take it that it wasn't your main livelihood so you can at least feed your self. Let the NAS monster go hungry for a little while. You will just have to go and create your own opportunities. Have you met any of the "clients"? Maybe you could steal the work away from the agency.

Give it a couple of days to let the mind clear and then develop a plan of attack.

Good Luck

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