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Doing a shoot and print

Posted by Old Dog New Tricks, 05 December 2012 · 4290 views

I have been recruited by my cousin to take pictures of pets and Santa. I wanted to stream line the process, provide a couple of options and have a holiday mask on the print to include year and my cousin's logo.

First I needed a background. I found a red graduated one that had snow flakes. I needed to create a transparent opening. I did this by using an oval marquee with 50px feather. Then I inverted the selection, did a copy and pasted this onto a transparent base.

Attached Image: snflke810sml.jpg

My cousin sent me her logo which was a PDF.
Attached Image: pcfflogosml.png

I did get it to open in PSE and then got it onto a transparent background, pasting it on the background. I also added "2012". This created my holiday mask.

Now I switched over to LR4, selected an image to play with and moved to the Print Module. I selected the identity plate, choosing graphical interface. I selected the Holiday Mask, which then appeared on the image. I had to adjust the size of the graphic on the screen, select the page size (4x6 and 8x10) and saving each size as a separate LR template. I next selected a picture package of 1-5x7 and 4- 2.5x3.5. I highlighted the 5x7 and assigned the Holiday Mask to just that image. I felt that the other images were too small to mask around.

So that is basically how I set up the print, now I had to work on the automation.

My D7000 will shoot tethered and I created an auto-import. Using the Santa I adjusted my position and lights, then started taking images. The shutter release on the computer screen has a longggg delay, so with pets I will be shooting from the camera. After I started capturing some images I then did a little PP until I was happy with the results, creating a develop preset named Santa. On the tethered control in LR I went to the develop settings (gear symbol) and selected the newly created preset.

My workflow will be to set up the camera and develop settings to create a view and exposure that will work across the board. When a pet comes in. Deb will sign up the owner, I will shoot the the picture and the client can see the images, selecting the size and image, which Deb will then be able to print right out. That's the plan, The project isn't for another couple of weeks so I have time to play with it some more.

Attached Image: santa.jpg

Thanks for stopping by,

Looks good Cliff!
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