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Three simple interior decorating themes to try

Posted by Miley Summer, in Home Improvement Tips 17 October 2016 · 6638 views

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Three simple interior decorating themes to try When a professional interior decorator comes in and decorates a space, it can seem like magic. But just like everything else, good interior design is just a matter of learning the rules. You don’t have to pay big bucks to bring in a professional interior designer to decorate your home. Here are three relatively simple interior decorating themes that you can try yourself.


To get the masculine look for a home, it’s about keeping things simple and using a lot of layers. You’ll want to use materials such as leather, wood, and metal with somewhat basic finishes. Keep soft furnishings and textures to a minimum when going for a masculine theme. Rather than use color to create contrast, only use color very sparingly and rely on different shapes and textures to create visual interest with contrast. Grays, tans, and blues all work great with this theme as does warm gold. Be careful not to over-decorate when using this theme. You can accessorize with candles, books, art, and other small pieces but always keep in mind that they should be appropriate for a space used primarily by a man.


The feminine interior decorating theme may not appeal to every female—it does play to gender stereotypes to some degree but you’ll quickly see how a few changes in color scheme, texture, and artwork can transform the masculine theme into the feminine. One thing to note with a feminine theme to a masculine theme is that you need to scale down the furniture. Sofas, coffee and end tables, and any other furniture should be about 80% smaller you’d use in a masculine themed room. Use pinks and purples and other pastel colors for artwork and opt for softer textures and materials. Any flowers or colors you use should be brighter than ones you’d use in a masculine themed room and the décor can be more layered and soft.

Beach house

A beach house theme is all about mood. The mood you want to set is relaxation so this decorating theme is going to be about visual relief and blending in. For this look, you’ll need simple, white linens and bleached wood and simple textures like basket weaves or wood grain. You can use a little stone for contrast with texture. Grays, whites, blues, and tans are the colors to use for a beach house theme. You’re trying to not overwhelm with color so choose muted tones. Nautical elements like coral and driftwood can really bring out the beach theme but be careful not to overdo it. Fishnets, life savers, captain’s wheels, seashells, and the like are less stylish and will make the space seem a little juvenile.

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