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In Topic: l'm going to the dark side(Pentax)

Today, 04:19 PM

I would save my money and get some good Nikon gear later.

In Topic: Young Male Buck

Today, 04:17 PM

Thanks, Jeff.

In Topic: l'd say we've got about 15 years...

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

My experience has been that nothing gets cheap.

I paid roughly the same amount for my D850 as my D800.


The D6 will be roughly the same amount as a D5.


One camera becomes obsolete and drops down or out, the new one steps in and up to take its place.


Manufacturers cannot afford to stay in business making technology available for less unless the number go through the roof. At $8500, don't count on it, same applies to glass.

In Topic: B&H comedy

Yesterday, 08:44 PM

I have seen D50's go for $50 locally.  A dealer will try to get what he can get.  If someone walks in and offers $50 they will probably take it.

In Topic: Infrared D80

Yesterday, 08:43 PM

Very nice!