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I am back.........

Posted by photojazz, 17 July 2012 · 903 views

Wow, seems like eons since I looked at my blog. But I have an excuse, I have been busy in orbit around the PlanetNikon.Posted Image Okay, you aren't buying that one so I won't try another excuse.

It is 4:31 am and in a few hours I am headed to work but for some reason I couldn't sleep because medium format photography is on my mind. Yesterday, I went to the cellar okay, drum/photo/storage room and pulled out my Bronica ETRSi.This is a wonderful lil medium format (MF) camera that takes some great pics. Been a year or two since I did any shooting with it.

I did an overall inspection, did not find any damage so I cleaned and placed a new battery plus some Porta 160NC film inside. Today, was a lil cloudy but no rain. I don't have light meter anymore so I shot a roll in my garden using the Sunny 16 rules. Later today, I will drop off the negs for developing. Being a smaller MF camera, I will probably place it in my other cbag and take it with either Der 300 or Da 50 this weekend on two shoots that I am scheduled to do.

I also have my pulled my Mamiya RB67 out of rest and will do an inspection and functional check on it as well. One thing about the RB67 no batteries are needed.Posted Image

So why am I doing this. Film is still of interest to me and I love to handle one of the several cameras that I have. Also PhotoRenate is asking "When are you going to shoot up that film"Posted Image I purchased a small freezer to store all my film in as I have alot that I brought from the photo lab when the army closed it.

More to come.

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