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Another day of trying out the D7000.

Posted by Old Dog New Tricks, 20 July 2012 · 902 views

After doing a little more research I am beginning to get a better understanding of the Auto Focus options. I like the button in the focus selector to quickly change the options. One thing I did learn today was that in poor light I want to use a spot when trying to get pictures of wildlife in poor light. I was trying to get it to focus on a Kingfisher in a tree. The camera wanted to focus on the trees around and between us. Hmmm. Thankfully it is easy to quickly change the options.

I also tried out the CLS functions and my SB 600. Works just like the D200. Sets up quickly and I am becoming more comfortable with the SB600 setup. Unfortunately, the SB800 has a different setup…. Next test will be using the 800 on the new camera to drive the 600.

“She…” wanted to go for a walk and asked me to come along. We walked the Erie Canal path and she knows I like to get pictures there. Well… she now power walks and I wasn’t keeping up well. My camera bag/belt set up works nicely. I do need a collared shirt for the camera next strap.

Tomorrow I am going to the Syracuse National Car Show at the Fairgrounds. Projected to have 7500 cars. Photo ops galore. Let’s see how the new camera works.

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I use the Centre spot focus point all the time on my D5100 in preference to letting the camera pick a focus point itself. I focus the centre spot on the subject and then quickly recompose the shot before pressing the shutter button. That works especially well for still or slowly moving subjects. I have used it for wildlife as well.
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