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OK, here is my critique ....  :P 

I think your WHITE BALANCE is SPOT ON.  Lots of white, you nailed it. I was going to ask if this was black and white, but there is no black, just white.



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Yesterday, 03:57 PM

High Park was my main go-to.  Every year, around August, through the end of October you could count on being entertained by countless Blue Heron, Egret, Night Heron, Wood Ducks and you would see other exotic birds like Hawks fly about.  King Fisher is also in abundance here.  The park flourishes with nature.

You can still see Great Blue Heron and Egret but it is seldom and typically, they now avoid the ponds where people have access.  Why?  Non-stop: People walking (well, that is what a park is for), People walking their dogs, cycling, joggers, etc.  The numbers are way up.  In the past, you would get lulls and time periods where you saw no one.  Because there are so many people now, foot traffic is continuous from previous years.  Net result, nature is pushed away.  It is subtle and gradual, but it has happened in a big way over time. Also, the City did a dredging of the stormwater pond and clear cut the banks that used to be large trees lining it.  I have no idea why they did this! All those trees were roosting spots for juvi Black Crested Night Heron.  Haven't seen a Night Heron in a few years now.

Humber Bay Shores was another go-to.  It is a pure disaster now.  The shoreline is wall to wall condos and another 16 are slated to go in at some point.  35,000 more people than 5 years ago! The ponds in the park have only the usual suspects ... ducks, because everyone feeds them bread!!!   You walk along the shore and they follow you.

I harp about this but the attitude of Torontonians is pathetic.  No one cares.... its "progress".  Yes, I suppose it is.  But I don't like it.  And, I am stuck here, my wife won't move.  All the things she likes about Toronto I can't stand.  Most especially, the people.  It is turning into a very large Metropolis and they expect another million people to move here in the next few years! By and large, Torontonians are an ignorant, me-first, oblivious only to themselves and their immediate needs. It is turning into a very ugly selfish city. They remind me of bugs that are marveled by the bright lights. Sports is big here and occupies the mindless mob.

Traffic here is a nightmare.

Parking is a nightmare.

Shootings, drugs, and gang-related violence (gang to gang) is a nightmare.  There is a small percentage of collateral damage that has people outraged but not yet enough.  It will take perhaps, the life of a very young child before everyone acts.  This is typical of Toronto.  Something really drastic has to happen and then they act. For a country that has very strict gun laws and handgun bans blah blah blah blah... we have a shooting or more a day, every day.

There are many positives to living here, like most big cities, it never sleeps, lots of restaurants, movies, theatre, art, etc.  Really, don't care anymore.  I much prefer nature.

My summers over the last few years have been primarily filled with Motorsport venues.  So, now that the racing season is over, I have been trying to go out and catch up on nature.... GONE!  I did post some Heron and Egret pictures on FB a week ago. It was no easy task chasing those two birds down at the Humber River.  They were also in a different spot from where I typically go.  Again, further away from people and the banks of the river there are tricky to negotiate.  Go enough times and I am sure I will end up slipping into the drink!!  In the summer, no big deal, it is only a few feet deep, but it's the gear that you want to keep from getting wet.

Honestly, the fun has gone out of trying to shoot nature in Toronto.  

I am heading out to Hendrie Valley, Burlington tomorrow with Jason.  He pops in here once in a while. The leaves on the trees are changing, I think he is keenly interested in shooting some landscape images of the valley.  I am going for the birds primarily, will bring Bungie and hope to find some nice, gnarly perches for some interesting captures.

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Yesterday, 02:32 PM

Art not everyone needs the size, cost and weight of full frame and lets be honest the IQ difference is not as great as it used to be! The D500 is killer many sports photographers use it.

The fact you can now get a Z with all the Zs Mount advantages in a smaller package complete with two nice lens under $1400 is a win for us lower income photographers.

Fuji is killing it in the DX mirror less market Nikon Is trying to take a chunk of that market back.

Add the specs are pretty good, 11 FPS on an entry level camera thats a true shot across Sonys DX system that sells very well by the way. Nikon is going right at Sonys A64xx cameras.



Well, I may not like it, but I hope it is successful for them. I have to admit, the specs are pretty darn good! I love the 11fps.

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Great action shot, Phil!

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Well done, Phil.  Hope your editor appreciated the effort.