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My Favorite Websites

Posted by DigitalDarrell, 27 March 2006 · 683 views

As a Nikon user, I often just browse around the web looking for articles to read about Nikon cameras.

Hardcore Nikon users and wannabe's should seriously consider joining Nikonians.org. I've been a member since way back in the early days of Nikonians.org (2000) and have enjoyed the TREMENDOUS amount of information that is available on everything Nikon on that site. The owners of the site, J. Ramon Palacios (Mexico) and Bo Stahlbrandt (Germany) are fine people. They've created a site whose extensive forums are well moderated, friendly, and simply bursting at the seams with information on any Nikon camera or lens you care to learn about or comment on. In my opinion, it's the world's foremost Nikon User Community. They have surpassed 40000 members, with over one million visitors per month. That's a lot of experience in one place! If you use a Nikon, or want to learn about Nikons, go here and sign up:

Website: www.Nikonians.org
Register: Join Nikonians.org
Forums: Nikonians Forums

Another of my favorite sites is Nikon Japan's History Section. If you want to read about how Nikon came to be, this is the place: Nikon History

For general browsing and reading, the NikonLinks.com site is full of an amazing amount of links to Nikon users sites. It is a big directory, and one of the world's best Nikon reference points: www.NikonLinks.com. The owner Edwin Leong is a friendly fellow. If you have good Nikon information on YOUR site, just let Edwin know, and he'll post it on his "Nikon Portal." I get quite a bit of daily traffic from NikonLinks.com.

For detailed reviews, the best known site is probably DPReview.com. They have a specific Nikon Section that contains detailed reviews of many of Nikon's best cameras.

Of course, I also enjoy the website of www.DigitalDarrell.com, who is a writer, and one of my better personalities.

On the pure photography front, a couple of groups that I appreciate are the ASMP and NANPA. These groups are for photographers of all sorts. ASMP is the American Society of Media Photographers, while NANPA is the North American Nature Photographer's Association. They offer various types of memberships and are organizations that will help you with your photography commercially. ASMP is also a watchguard for the photographic industry's interests politically. ASMP is found here. NANPA is found here.

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