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Scanning Blues

Posted by DigitalDarrell, 15 July 2009 · 1525 views

As I sit here typing, I am also scanning in the background.

While going through the closet upstairs, I found a giant box of color negatives from the last 30-years of film photography. I grabbed an envelope full of negatives and found my wedding pictures from my and Digital Brenda's wedding in 1979. How can I express the abiding love I have for my faithful wife of 30+ years? I know ... I'll scan these images on my Nikon CoolScan 9000.

At 9:00 AM this morning, I started scanning. It is now after 11:00 and I have managed to adjust and scan about 15 images. My goodness, this is going to take forever! But, it is probably worth it. How often do we get to look back in time and see ourselves from long ago. Think of the years that have passed, and, how we each have changed. Here are a few of my favorite images from back then (May 20, 1979):

Brenda and My Father Joe Young (He's delivering my beautiful Bride)

Attached Image: AAE_Wedding.jpg

Sure the color is not great from the 30-year old Kodacolor negatives, but they hold memories too dear to consider losing. In the image below I am promising to be faithful to my Bride, which has been easy for me. She's the best thing that ever happened to this country boy:


Attached Image: AAI_Wedding.jpg

I told Brenda that, when it came time for the kiss, I was going to grab her and kiss her for ten minutes. She was afraid I was telling the truth, so instead, she grabbed me and gave me only a brief newlywed kiss. But, it was a kiss that knocked my socks off and set me on the path to happy family life and, eventually, 6 children:

The Kiss

Attached Image: AAL_Wedding.jpg

So, now, with our 30th wedding anniversary recently past, I am blogging about my sweet wife Brenda, and how I adore her even more now than then.

And, I am blogging about photography, and how valuable the small slices of time we can capture with our cameras. You younger people, take it from a middle aged guy...time goes by very quickly. Get yourself a good Nikon digital camera and take as many pictures as you can manage.

Also know that, even though nature shots are wonderful and fun to look at, the real value of imaging is in capturing images of people. Our lives are short, and no one is permanent. The images of family and friends that you take today will be extremely valuable to you only a few years from now.

Don't fail to take a LOT of images. You and your descendants will appreciate it later!

Keep on capturing time...
Digital Darrell

This is a great way to show your love and share the memories for a life time. Good blog info.

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Darrell, it looks like you have gained a few pounds since that eventful day in 1979! Great photos, and you are right, the photos will serve your memories. I go back and look at my photos from 35 years ago and smile- the sad fact is after my parent died I inherited their photo collection, many wonderful images of family and lots of images of "I don;t know who the heck these are" that get tossed in the end. So with the advent of digital I am in a shoot, shoot more mode!
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Well, Brenda's cooking and a couple of beers have had their effect, not to mention time passing. However, I still have my hair, and am working out on my Bowflex in preparation for a thinner life. No more junk food for me! tongue.gif
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Darrell, you lovers are all the same lol
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Time changes us all. Take more pictures so you can remember what you looked like before your hair turned gray.
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Darrell, I'm way ahead of you lol, I already have gray, started at 19, and time has marched on with me to 78, but life is great
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