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Nikon D300s and D3000 Announced

Posted by DigitalDarrell, 30 July 2009 · 4228 views

Nikon D300s

Nikon® announced two new cameras on July 30, 2009, the new Nikon D300s and the D3000.

The new Nikon D300s adds 720p HD video capture with Contrast Detect Autofocus, a first for Nikon. There is also a new stereo input for high-res stereo sound to match the video.

It also adds an additional SD/SDHC memory card slot in addition to Compact Flash. You can select three modes for using the cards: 1. One card receives images and when full the other card gets the "overflow." 2. Write to both cards at once, automatic backup. 3. Shoot RAW on one and JPEG on the other.

The D300s adds one additional frame-per-second, up to 7 fps with a normal battery. It also adds significant new features in the Retouch menu so that you can manipulate your images without ever using a computer.


The camera provides the ability to edit video in-camera, too. PictBridge and DPOF printing features mean that you can make prints with no computer. It seems that Nikon is giving us built-in graphics processing software as part of its new camera line. If you want to be able to shoot high-quality still images, and great 720p HD video, the D300s is the professional-level camera of choice. It is now Nikon's flagship DX small-bodied pro camera—de-seating the standard D300—which will remain in the line, for now.

The megapixel rating has not changed. It's still 12.3MP. The basics of the camera are still pretty similar to the D300, with the same Multi-CAM 3500DX autofocus, Expeed processor, 1,005- Pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II, and 3-inch Super-density 920,000-dot VGA LCD Monitor. Active D-Lighting has been improved with an extra level, and 5-image bracketing.

Attached Image: NikonD300sBack.jpg

Should I buy this camera if I already have a D300? Well, as a D300 owner I am in exactly that predicament. I absolutely love the video modes on my Nikon D90 and D5000, so I am inclined to get the D300s for the video capability with stereo sound input and autofocus during video.

Attached Image: D300DualCards.jpg

I also highly desire the dual card slots, which up to now have been limited to Nikon's full-size flagship FX lineup (D3 and D3x). I am always aggravated that I cannot share SD cards with my D90 and D5000, so the SD capability is much welcome.

Attached Image: NikonD300sTop.jpg

I am a diehard DX user, at this point, since I have so many nice DX lenses. However, I can see an FX in the near future. Should I buy this camera, or save my money for a D700x announcement? Time will tell on this issue. Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS) is a hard thing to overcome, sometimes. I have it bad right now for the D300s. Will I hold out? We'll see!

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Nikon D3000

Photography Students look at this! Not since the days of the film Pentax K1000 has there really been a outstanding student camera. Even Pentax hasn't re-captured the student glory days of the K1000, in digital.

Attached Image: D3000FrontTop.jpg

In my opinion Nikon has made great strides in that direction. Will the D3000 prove to be the student camera of choice? It certainly has the goodies for a photography student, with the ability to go out there and shoot in all the manual, and assisted modes (P,S, A, M and 6 Scene modes). And, it also has the new Guide System that will handhold a new DSLR user in preparing the camera for various shooting styles.

Attached Image: D3000GuideSystem.jpg

All-in-all this is a highly desirable camera for anyone that is learning photography and is on a tight budget. At full retail with an excellent 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Vibration Reduction (VR) lens, this little baby sells for merely $599 USD. Expect discounting pretty quickly!

The D3000 leaves off some features that many have come to enjoy, like Live view, and Video capture. However as a basic digital still camera, it exceeds many on the market today. You can't beat the price to feature level either!

Attached Image: D3000LeftRight.jpg

It adds simply incredible image Retouch capability, which will allow a person with little computer skill to manipulate images in-camera as if they were Photoshop users. It offers 13 easy editing functions, including Trim, Red-eye Correction and Soft Filter. Take a look at the in-camera editing feature list:

1. Trim
2. D-Lighting
3. Color Balance
4. Filter Effects
5. Monochrome
6. Stop Motion
7. Color Balance
8. NEF ( RAW ) processing
9. Quick retouch
10. Small picture
11. Red-eye correction
12. Color Outline
13. Miniature Effect
14. Before and After

What makes this little camera especially desirable over cameras like the D40/60 line is the fact that it has the Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module. This gives the user 11 AF points instead of the 3 points found in the D40 and D60. The AF is faster, more flexible, and able to do things a lesser camera can't. If you have young ones who are interested in photography, don't slow down until you latch onto one of these.

The camera body weighs in at one pound, so it will be a great little hiking camera. The 10.2MP sensor will provide excellent images that can be enlarged to larger prints easily. Any student artists in your family? Looking to upgrade from point & shoot to a DSLR?

Attached Image: D3000Top.jpg

I'll probably acquire one of these so that I can use it as book fodder. I'm sure I'll fall in love with its tiny size and will carry it around in my briefcase as a daily carry camera. That is, if I can keep it away from my kids, who I am sure will be wanting to use it often. Keep up the great work Nikon!

(Please buy the Nikon D3000 from Amazon.com and support this site)

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