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First Day With Adobe Lightroom

Posted by photojazz, 20 July 2006 · 687 views

The preamble:

1. I don't work for Adobe.
2. I am not a professional photographer, I am an Oracle DBA by day and a rock n roll drummer at night!
3. I don't have the the latest computer systems.
4. I love my magnificent, remarkable...okay already, I will save it...D50..Gotcha!

On the serious side, I just wanted to give a dump of my last three hours working with Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 for Windows.

Here goes.....

Downloading and installation on both my Windows XP Pro 1.7 Ghz laptop and my desktop AMD Athlon 2500+ computers went quicker that I anticipated, about 30 minutes. The installs were flawless, and the system only prompted me two times for the usual EULA (licensing) and install directory but no other interrupts. I did not have to reboot either computers before launching the application (did I say that?)

Did not get a chance to use the laptop but opted for the desktop version for testing. Okay for starters my system did not meet the recommended specs of Pentium 4, 2 Gb RAM ..blah, blah, blah. I have been doing this computer stuff for the past 25 years so I love this challenge of not having the "Recommended System Requirements".

On to Lightroon (LR) (I was in the Army for 21 yrs and love acroymns) any hoot, I found the interface to be user friendly as it opened into a Loupe type display and some of the menus by defaut are loaded so that you can immediately begin using LR.

Being an honest injun, I don't like to read manuals as I think I am the smartest dud on the planet, so I just dove right in and started using the program. First step was to do the Digital Asset Management thing and arrange all my photos in some kind of order. I selected about 600 pics to be managed by th library and it took about two hours to do its indexing and setting up pointers to the pic files. I was doing other stuff, surfing the Internet, fiixing some pics in Photoshop CS2 so some processing power was taken.

Next on to the postprocessing. Most of the standard features are available (white balance setting, shadows etc...)

What I liked was the different grayscale settings that are available if you want to convert your color pics to another tone.

I will go nto more details in the next post. Listed below are some screen shots...




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I loaded the previous pics to show that LR is out and running on Windows systems. I purchased a book on LR and will be going into details later. I will post some pics in the morning.

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